Hurricane Matthew was one of the hardest hitting storms to reach the Bahamas in over a decade. We are here to help make your recovery easier and faster.


We are the first and only Public Loss Adjuster to be approved by the Insurance Commission of The Bahamas. We are specialists in the insurance claims process and have partnered exclusively with Keys Claims Consultants, Inc. who have worked all over the world following catastrophes such as Hurricane Francis, Jean, Charlie and Andrew.

Following a significant windstorm, it is important to have your building professionally inspected for damages. The integrity of your building’s envelope or outer shell may have been significantly compromised in a manner which may not be readily apparent to an untrained eye.

For example: The roof may initially appear undamaged until closer inspection has taken place. Portions of the roof may have separated and lifted during the storm allowing water to penetrate into building cavities. The roof may appear untouched after the wind dies down and the roof covering has settled. However, the roof membrane is often damaged, tiles are frequently loosened and the life expectancy of the roof may be severely shortened.

The window and door systems can also be damaged by wind. Even though glass is not shattered, it may be significantly scratched, window and door frames may be deflected, and seals broken. This may call for the repair or replacement of these systems.

If undetected, this type of damage may later cause problems when it is no longer possible to make a claim for recovery.

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