Annette N. McPhee ACII

The first Public Loss Adjuster

to be approved

by The Insurance Commission

of The Bahamas


We offer services for all classes of general insurance (motor, home, commercial, marine and travel) with particular emphasis on personal injuries derived from motor accidents and public liability claims. These include:

The insurance contract can be a seemingly complex document for the average layman. Policy Conditions and Exclusions as well as jargons such as Indemnity, Proximate Cause, Average, and Peril, may be mind boggling. If you are uncertain about what your contract is saying, we can provide clear, simple explanations, thus empowering you.Learn More

Once a policy is in force and a valid claim is imminent, we will advise you of ALL of your entitlements (for example, pain & suffering, loss of earning, reimbursement of expenses). We will provide an overview of the claims process, assist you in obtaining essential supporting documents as well as actually guide you through the process from beginning to end, helping you to make decisions, that are most beneficial to you.Learn More
We will tabulate your settlement offer, once we are in possession of all of the required supporting documentation and case law. Once the opinion on quantum is completed, we will explain, in depth, how the figures were derived.Learn More
Based on our years of experience and professional qualification, we will engage the insurer in active discussion and make every effort possible to secure the best settlement offer for you, while protecting your rights and interestsLearn More

We Are Here To Serve You

Prudential Loss Adjusters is a limited liability company, incorporated in 2015, under the laws of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. It is the first Public Loss Adjusting Company to be approved by The Insurance Commission of The Bahamas.

The Main Objectives are to:

1. Create a service-based company built on its corporate values of Prudence, Integrity, Transparency, Reliability, Trust and Good Corporate Citizenry.

2. Offer a non-adversarial, non-litigious approach to claims settlement with particular emphasis on personal injuries derived from motor accidents and public liability claims.

3. Educate the public on their rights and entitlement.

4. Obtain the best settlement for our valued clients, while protecting their rights and interests.

At Prudential Loss Adjusters, our strengths are profound and distinct. These include but are not limited to:

1. Proven and Trusted Experience

2. Market Knowledge

3. Technical Competence

4. Broad Network of Associates

5. Accessibility

6. Affordability

We believe that the keys to our success are:

1. Knowledgeable, friendly staff who empathize with our clients’ needs and circumstances.

2. Meeting the growing demand for this non-adversarial, non-litigious approach to claims settlement.

3. Quick and expert inquiry into claims.

4. Prudent assessment and negotiation of claims.

5. Exceeding our clients’ expectations of quality customer service